Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ethan and Luke were sitting next to the tree yesterday morning eyeing the presents wrapped and waiting. Ethan asked: "is it Christmas time yet, mommy?" I tried to explain (again) that, yes, it was Christmas "time", but not yet Christmas. We don't get to unwrap the presents until Christmas DAY. I told the boys that it was the 2nd day of December and we would have to wait until the 25th day.
Ethan replied in quiet disappointment, his cheeks in his hands and a deep breath,
"this is taking a long time".
I smiled as I remembered how very long the month of December used to be when I was little, and pondered the wonder of Christmas for a child. Ben and I have enjoyed these early days of December, watching own children mesmerized by the Christmas season.


Beth said...

i know. i remember (now that my kids are going through it all) that it took FOREVER for Christmas day to finally come! it's funny that it gets faster and faster each year.

Joy said...

You definitely need to do the calendar/countdown thing, so he can get a visual picture of where he is on the month in relation to when the day is. :-)

Adult life is definintely different. I keep trying to figure out how I can randomly insert about 3 more weeks into the month of December. :-P