Friday, May 25, 2007

It's a Party!!

I made Luke a choo-choo birthday cake filled to the brim with all sorts of yummy candy!!

There were LOTS of presents to open, in which Ethan was a BIG help!!

Puzzles and train pieces - yeah!!

The empire grows!

Time for cake!!

Ethan enjoys some birthday cake. He was more interrested in the candy on top than the cake itself. He picked off every last sprinkle before taking a bite of cake!!

Clean up time! Luke hung out in the tub while I scrubbed the smashed chocolate cake out of the carpet. It's ok, it's just once a year, right??? Ok, no, but it's still ok!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today my little baby turns 1 year old. How fast the time passes!!

Here are the 1 year stats:

Weighing in @ - I don't know yet. Hee-hee. We go to the Doc this week but he is quite the hefty little guy. He is gaing on Ethan quickly.

Walking - Yes, almost running

Eating - Loves his food but just figured out that he can take it out of his mouth and throw it on the floor or across the table if he gets bored.

Teeth -2 1/2 on bottom, 4 on top

Sleeping - OH YES!!

Playing with Ethan - Pretty well. He has just got to figure out how to get out of a headlock... and run faster.

Potty Trained - just kidding, but it sure would be nice!!


Monday, May 21, 2007


We sent daddy out for milk and he came back with a breakfast surprise. Yippeee!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How many arrows are in a quiver anyway???

Does your quiver look like this...
Or like this???

I've been asking myself this question a lot lately. One has to when there is a supply of pregnancy tests under the bathroom sink...and when you have to keep using them!! I have yet to experience the disappointment/relief of NOT seeing that second line on the stick!
Our 3rd little one will be here the end of September.
Why, you ask, do we wait to spill the beans until I am 18 weeks along. Well, the answer is that I had to wait until I stopped breaking into hysterics when I talked about "the beans". Don't get me wrong, we love babies and want lots, but we were hoping to give ourselves some time between the little bundles. Well, now I'm thinking we might as well keep going at this rate and have as many as we can before I turn thirty - that's just the shock talking.