Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 Kate's pink girl car

 Luke's speeder... I think it was supposed to be from Star Wars and painted a sheik black, but Luke had other plans!

 Ethan's snake - of course, right?

These kids painted their own cars this year!  I helped Luke with his stripes  and "monitored" the glittering process on Kate's, but they were not about to give up that paintbrush to anyone this year!  

Race Time!!
Look at all those trophies!!  They added an extra category this year to make sure lots of kids got to take one of these babies home...

 Yay!!  Kate's car won the "pretty" car trophy!!

Yes, the Smith children brought home 5 of those trophies, none of them being for speed!!  (scratch head and wonder if the idea of dispersing the trophies amongst all the children worked, hmmmmm?)  So happy for my kiddos, but I must admit I kind of wanted to hide under a rock when "Pastor Ben's" children were repeatedly called to accept their trophies!!  I promise, we paid no judge compensation for their favor!!  HA!