Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So much for the strawberry sorbet! Our family was out the other night and popped into Baskin Robins for a little treat. I ordered for everyone - 2 scoop Reese's cup for Ben in a bowl, 1 chocolate scoop for Luke in a cone (you can just imagine how that one went!), and 1 scoop of strawberry in a cone for Ethan (a surprising choice for him - he ALWAYS chooses chocolate, but decided he wanted to be like mommy who recently ordered a strawberry cone). Then she looked at me and asked "Is that all?" "No", I replied. "I would like"...then it goes fuzzy. I thought I heard myself say: "1 small scoop of strawberry sorbet in a cup please". That is what I meant to say...BUT, what I really said was "I would like a heath bar premium sundae please!" I said it quick and quiet as to try to conceal my impulse. I turned and looked at Ben, and he casually asked,..."What 'd you get?" I told him sheepishly. He said nothing, but gave me a little grin that said..."of course"! The lady handed me my sundae that held seemingly more ice cream then my entire family combined - and I was soooo happy. Hot fudge, carmel, and crushed heath bar on the bottom, heath bar ice cream (loaded with MORE crushed heath bar), then another layer of the good stuff, more ice cream, yet another layer of the good stuff, more ice cream, then a final layer of...the good stuff topped with whipped cream and, again, more crushed heath bar. Perfect, over the top, and all mine (except I did share a few bites with Kate - gotta train her young!) These premium sundaes are glorious! I wondered after I scraped the cup clean if it was worth the 600 or so calories MORE then a small cup of strawberry sorbet...I don't know, but I do know that I'd do it again!