Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ethan turns 2!!

Basketball Cake!! I learned that making black frosting is virtually impossibe!
Thankfully, I found some black writing gel in the pantry!

Andy, Davina, Michael, and Caleb helped us celebrate. We had stromboli for dinner and then dove into the birthday cake!!

Ethan and caleb loved the cake and icecream!

Ethan had lots of presents to unwrap - the best being the little people airplane and the choo-choo from the grandparents!! The guys had fun putting it all together (after we unwired and untaped every piece from the package - why do toy companies do that anyway??).

Thank you grandmas and grandpas for all the fun Luke and I will have playing with my new toys. Mommy thanks you too because now we might leave her alone long enough to take a shower!! At least for a few days anyway!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

What cute kids!

The Holidays!

We spent Thanksgiving in Michigan with Ben's family and then went to Colorado for Christmas. We had a great time. Although, the plane trip to Colorado was a little nerve-racking with the boys on our laps! Just a few highlights: Ethan's diaper became defective 1/2 hour into the first flight and Ben got the overflow on his lap -quite a puddle if I do say so myself-hee-hee! During our lay-over, we grabbed something to eat and while Ben was ordering, Ethan got his head stuck between a trash can and a pole (why do kids stick their heads in small places??) Anyway, we made it there and back fine. I do love the holidays - except next year I want to get the Christmas tree up, the cookies and candy made, the family picture taken, the shopping, and the Christmas cards done EARLY so I can enjoy the holidays more -I think I said that last year!

Home Sweet Home!

The Lord is so good and His timing is perfect. Many of you know that our church here has been trying to build a house for our family to live in, but the red tape in Alexandria is outrageous! After almost 2 years, the city finally gave us the permit to build. Well, as you can see, it is a modular home that came in pieces. It was incredible to watch them swing a house around in the air and then just plop in down and bolt it together. It has been so fun for Ben and I as we get to pick out all the appliances and paint colors. Really, how many people get to do that (and pay for it all with the church credit card - hee-hee!) Like I said, the Lord is good and I think the 2 years wait will be worth it all when we finally get moved in and know we don't have to move again. The house will be complete in April-ish. Just a few more months of waiting!