Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things that make a mom smile...
While folding the laundry, I stumbled upon some frogs stowing away in a dirty sock!! They are squeeky clean now!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Luke, we can't take him anywhere!!
This weekend, Ben spoke at a conference that our little church camp in the hills of Virginia was holding. I have wonderful pictures of the kids and I enjoying the camp while Ben was busy with his session. These I may post later (I say "may" because lately, I have been blogging as the wind blows me -I annoy myself). This little tidbit of our day had to be recorded for all to read including Luke when he is old enough to be embarrassed!

We decided to stay for lunch before leaving camp to enjoy more of the country. Luke was in line for food and dropped his plate, shattering it all over the floor - cry, cry, cry. Luke spilled his lemonade all over the table, Luke spilled his water all over the table. At this point, Ben and I did not know how much more we could take. THEN... the director of the camp, a big man, the teddy bear type, comes over to talk with the boys. Ethan was, as usual, being a clown. The director was playing along and said to the boys "you sure are silly". At this moment, Luke gets a huge grin on his face, points his little clumsy finger at the man and declares: "Well, YOU...YOU are PUFFY!!!"
Ben and I about dropped on the floor, Luke still grinning, so proud of such a great come-back! The director was gracious, of course, and laughed it off. He left Ben and I in a heap of laughing tears that we could not control. How do you communicate - with seriousness - to you 3 year old that what he just said was completely socially unacceptable... when you can't breathe because you are laughing too hard!!

Oh, if I could just come up with a device that would allow me to read their little minds BEFORE they speak it!!
Can't take 'em anywhere!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Daddy's HOME and I'm not leaving his side!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flamin' Fast!
AWANA Grand Prix 2010

"Let's get going before I wet myself from excitement!!!!!"


"I can't stand it much longer!!"

Ethan: BLUE lane

Luke: Yellow lane - it's a winner, folks!

No trophy this year, and I'm enjoying the fact that they really don't care too much ...yet!!

Way to go Boys!!

We miss daddy and we're Grrr-umpy!
While Ben is away this week at the Together for the Gospel Conference in Kentucky, the 3 little Smith darlings get to enjoy a week of mommy time! Sounds nice and cozy, huh? I can almost hear Ron Hamilton's "My Mother's Gentle Love" playing softly in the background. HA!

I just had to journal these days for my future enjoyment.

Monday - Day 1
ugh - "gentle love" was not exactly what characterized this day. It ended with me feeling very yucky about the way the whole day went down and meditating on Ps 19:14 as I fell asleep:
"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer."

Highlights to remember...and make them pay for when they are teens (evil laugh):

#1 - Ben called in the evening. As I was talking, I heard KATE squealing with delight "BUBBLES"!!!! I ran to the bathroom only to see water cascading over the sides of the sink which she had plugged and filled (to overflowing) with soapy water! I was upset that there was water...everywhere. KATE was upset that her pretty shirt was wet!!

#2 - I tell the boys to brush their teeth before bed. They went straight to the bathroom (I found myself pleased with their quickness to obey - even though it was complete chaos - out of control laughing, punching, kicking, strange language that only 4&5 year old boys find funny.) I go in a few minutes later to make sure all is well and I find a very intense Ethan trying desperately to pick off the G-U-M stuck on Luke's neck! ME: "Ethan, WHY is there G-U-M on Luke's neck?????!!!!! Ethan: "Mooooom, I was trying to put it on Luke-y's bottom and it got on his neck!" Long dramatic pause...regain composure...think about all those mothers in jail...think about asking Ethan why he thought Luke's rear end was a better place for his chewed gum!! Decide to forgo all discusion and get them into bed ASAP!!

Tuesday - day 2

Hidden agenda: run them till they drop!!
They did have sooo much fun, they slipped happily into dream land... and so did I. Thank you Lord for sweet days!

Wednesday - day 3
I hear Ethan and Luke as they wake up: Ethan: "Lukey only 2 more days!!" Luke: (runs into my room) "Nope, he's not there!!"

The story continues as tonight is.......
drum roll, please!!

(this should be fun)