Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smith Family February

Never a dull moment!

Let us catch you all up on our most recent fun!Kate, Kate, Kate...never can get enough of Kate!!

Can never get enough FRILLS!!

Hope you all had a romantical Valentine's Day!!

And now,

What you've all been waiting for...


Ethan, the GREEN KNIGHT!!
(I realize that there is no green on the boy, but that is his name non-the-less)


Luke, the "whatever color Ethan decides for him" KNIGHT

Here's a little background info on this new obsession at our house:

Back in December, a wonderful family from our church took our family "Medieval Times". It's a live show and dinner - yum, by the way. The boys were on the edge of their seats for the whole 2 hours watching these knights joust and fight with swords, and on and on. After the show, this generous family bought the boys swords and shields. They have not put them down since that night. Each day the knights battle. Since then, we have been given 6 more swords and 2 more shields, so we are never lacking for weapons! The costumes evolve each day. Ethan seems to add a layer each day, complete with long sleeved pj's (chainmail), and new, just yesterday...underwear for a helmet. I about died laughing when the boys came around the corner with their little faces looking at me through one of the leg holes. The tunics are pillow cases I got from a thrift store and cut holes for their heads and arms.

Here is a little photo-op from yesterday:

Now, don't you feel caught up?!