Thursday, April 14, 2011

This year we had 3 cars to get ready for the track!

Ethan raced in Sparks this year and went for a "bat mobile" look!

Luke blew all the Cubbies right off the track (well, not exactly)
with his flamin' red race car!

and Kate sparkled her way down the track, turning the head of every prince in the room with her bedazzled princess car!

and they're off!

Ethan's car raced great coming in first a few times!! Misfortune struck, pulling him out of the winners circle, when his car flew off the track! Too fast, too fast he says!!

Luke's car stole 4th fastest car of the night!! (beat by pink!)

and Kate... well, apparently Snow White was too busy painting her nails to drive fast and she never actually made it across the finish line!

Fun with friends!!

Well, all three ended up taking home trophies for design! Ben and I, um..., I mean the kids are so proud of their hard work!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Noel - 1 month
Noel - 3 months

Chin-y, Chin, Chin


and just... CUTE!!
she is starting to giggle, is always happy, "talks" to us, is sleeping at night, has almost figured out how to roll (just a little more fat and it will be almost effortless!), and she is starting to finally "look" like her sister, KATE

Kate - 4 months old