Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snapshots of a

The Smith family LOVES the beach! I decided that we were going to have a perfect DAY (meaning ALL day - breakfast, lunch, dinner - watch the sun go down DAY) at the beach. With much deliberation, we decided that we would head on down to our old stompin' grounds, Sandbridge (VA Beach) and enjoy the waves with some good buddies - yippie for a few hours with the Davies and boo-hoo for 0 hours with the Hines (next week, tee-hee). We left for our day in the sun a little after 6AM and returned back home at a little after 11PM. Our day in the sun was threatened by this:
Yes, that is the SKY from the time we got there until 1:30. We were not deterred (although, I did have a few temper tantrums within and shot nasty looks to the sky occasionally. Ben says I am circumstantially happy - ok...a little!). After lunch, however, the sun broke through and burned us all to a crisp - yippie!!!
Our set up:

Ethan's first findings

sandcastle time!

The best part of a cloudy day - an EMPTY beach!!
Run Ethan!
Kate getting ready to ride some waves!

Lunch time! The sun is peaking through!
Eat it up...sand and all!

Pictures with mommy!

Sand crab - top right!
This is when the sunburn happened!

Can I get up now??


Ahhhh! Summer!