Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quiet?? NEVER a Good Thing!!

I think the "experts" call this LEARNING! I find it kind of aggravating!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Optimus Prime: A DIVINE toy?????
Ethan is playing with his transformer:

Ethan: little (some name that sounded a lot like "Jerk")!

Mommy: What did you say, Ethan?

Ethan: (pause w/guilty look in his eye) ...the transformer said a bad word!

Mommy: no Ethan, YOU said it. Can your transformer talk?

Ethan: ...Yes

Mommy: Ok, Ethan...(think, think, think) who MAKES your transformer talk?

Ethan: (pause)... GOD

Long Pause - Start the discussion again from the top

Baby Bottoms... and other things!
This last weekend, our family went to the mall for no reason at all except to window shop, enjoy the premature Christmas decor, and let the kiddos play in the great play area there. We had a great time. Daddy, mommy were in great spirits, the boys were obedient and cooperative, and Kate rode in the stroller with no clawing to get out. These kinds of outings are rare and I cherish them when they happen. We were casually watching the kids play amongst the bazillion other children trying to keep tabs on our own. A great place for people watching - cute little toddling babies, mean kids that try to bully all the other kids into moving out of "their" spot, the spaced out little girl dressed in her Tinker-Bell Halloween costume singing and twirling amongst the craziness as if she were the only one there. Then there are the parents - even more entertaining! Some there just for a place to sit down so they can rest and wonder why they decided to bring their kid to the mall in the first place. Others busy on the phone or texting (all the while some bad guy comes and takes off with their kid knowing the parent won't even notice for a good 5 minutes!) Then there are my personal favorites: the hyper moms! Not 3 inches separates mother from child. Her hands always poised out and ready to catch her child from taking the deadly 2 foot fall from the plastic banana. Ben and I were enjoying our time and each others humorous comments about these goings-on. I looked up and the hyper mom was walking straight toward me (hands still poised) with a hysterical look on her face. All she could say was "POOP"!!!! She pointed to sweet little baby Kate who, by the way, was so pretty that day still dressed in her outfit that we had her pictures taken in earlier that evening. Kate was happily playing at the foot of plastic snoopy with a volcano of hot poop rolling up and out of her new velor pants. The poop volcano could not be stopped and was spilling out onto the floor. Ben and I looked at each other knowing that we were now the topic of everyone else's people watching. We both jumped up and ran over there. At least that is what I thought. When I got to her I realized that I was going to need some major wet wipes, so I looked to Ben who was now back where we were sitting trying to sit down. He had his mouth wide open and a look of pure disgust on his face (much like every other parent in the place). I looked at him and had to snap him back to the reality that this was HIS baby and HE needed to bring me the diaper bag. I scooped up the pile of poo and scrubbed down the crime scene, trying to be as discreet, quick, and thorough as possible -trying to act as if this was "no big deal... how funny...this happens all the time...silly baby! I tucked a few wipes down her back to try to contain the "lava" and rushed her off to save HER from HER embarrassing moment. We directly left the mall, this being the final memory of our cherished family outing. I congratulated Ben on the way out for all of his quick help in our poop crisis. What a memory! I hope all you readers got a little chuckle at baby Kate's expense! I thought I would spare you a picture and let your imaginations do the work!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to the man I love!

I love you because:

you are my protector
you are my provider
you are my friend
you help me see myself in a true light
you make me laugh
(even at times when you should
not be trying to make me laugh!)
you gently lead me in the life God has given us together

Happy Birthday to the BEST daddy EVER

We love you because:

you are our favorite playmate
you are our example
you are our guide
you are our provider
you are our "best friend in the whole world"
you are our teacher
you are our fan
you are the best bug catcher
Happy Birthday from your family!
We love you!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

OCTOBER FAMILY FESTIVITIES! Ben drove the bus for a field trip to the pumpkin patch and took Ethan along!
Fun day with daddy!

Another pumpkin patch trip with daddy!

Time to carve our pumpkins!
side note on the word "OUR" pumpkins:
RIP Smith family pumpkin vine!
Better luck next year (or never again!)
We BOUGHT our pumpkins like everyone else this year.
BOO HOO!!Back to the carving!
Ethan helped Kate get the seeds out!


Ethan's favorite part was carving (stabbing) the "hair".

Ben's Spider Man creation!
Random picture of sweet Kate her cool, flashing Halloween shirt from granny Hatch!

collision: Ethan's eye meets the back of Luke's head!

Making rice crispy treat pumpkins (and friends)!


Meet Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, bug of some sort!

Whatever she is, she sure is cute!

Do I feel bad? How can I? Do you see how cute she is???
She won't remember, right?!

Pounding the door down!
The Loot!
WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?? Really, like I am going to let my 3, 2, and 1 year olds eat all this?? No, of course not. I will give them all the kiddy, yuck candy and eat all the chocolate right out of their bags as soon as they go to sleep at night! Why?? Why, I ask??
Is it bedtime yet??

A job well done!!