Monday, November 30, 2009

This ornament is the newest addition to our Christmas tree this year. It celebrates a great accomplishment for both Ben and I - the completion of the Richmond Marathon. We both ran 26.2 miles on November 14th! I thought this simple little red ball was perfect to welcome in the season!
A marathon, you ask... this crazy idea was has been tossing and turning in my husband's mind for years, and somehow I got roped it (but I'm glad)! Last May, Ben discovered that the Richmond Marathon was held on a SATURDAY, which is hard to find - and a must for a pastor!! He had been talking about running a marathon for years, so he just signed US up! I convinced my wonderful running partner, Barbara, that she also wanted an adventure - knowing that she would be up for the challenge!
A challenge it was! The race itself actually turned out great - I felt good the whole race and finished strong at 4hrs 50min. Ben said he had to push through a few miles, but he also finished strong - and fast at 4hrs 3min!
[Side note: Ben and I differ greatly in our running styles- he bolts, runs hard, and is interested in his time. I, on the other hand, run along chatting the day away with Barb, looking into the windows of people's houses and laughing at the lady that just ran by us, wondering WHY she is wearing those tight running spandex - no one really looks good in those things, much less while running!!]
Anyway, what an experience! One we will always have! Will I do it again??? The 16 weeks of torture that led up to the marathon - you know, those weeks that were necessary for me to actually finish the race - that is the hard part. Saturday after Saturday, Ben and I would R-U-N. I would go out for 4 or so hours while he stayed with the kids, then he would go out for 3 or so hours while I stayed with the kids. Then we would be zombies the rest of the day with frozen peas strapped to our bodies. This was the part that got a little tiresome. Maybe someday. I am thankful for the opportunity, and the health, and the strength granted to me from the Lord. I think a few of those long, dark, cold, and painful training runs helped me to better understand Philippians 3:13-14 "...forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward all of God in Christ Jesus."
Thank you, dear readers for reading about this great feat for Ben and I! We wish you all a wonderful Christmas season!

Here are a few pictures from the event:
bib # and course map

timing device

shirt, bib, shoes...ready!

Barb and I

Ben... READY!

The FINISHER'S medals! Whoo-hoo!


nate, christina, and connor said...

wow! girl, i am IM.PRESSED! but maybe if i ran with your style (people watching and chatting :) i would start to enjoy it.... um.... nope. pretty sure that won't happen. good for you!

Karis said...

You are insane! But I am so impressed too. I despise running so that's where my perspective comes from. What great bonding for you and hubby (and I'm so glad you had a friend who would go your pace and style -- without that, oh my -- my mind just can't imagine.

Then again, when Kate was born and you had three very young children, I thought you were amazing as you seemed to just keep on truckin' along. Maybe that was the beginning of marathon training.

Love the ornament! Great idea.