Saturday, November 07, 2009

A kiss will make it better!
I was given some bushes this last week and decided to cut in some new flower beds. I dove into the project yesterday morning. The kids were all in dirt heaven, finding worms and getting DIRT-Y! In the "fun" of it all, Ethan was pushed which caused him to trip and fall down (very normal thing in our family). Unfortunately, there happened to be a shovel where he landed. I was more annoyed than anything that they were pushing each other, and as I picked up Ethan to scold about being more careful, I saw that I would have to do the "scolding" later as his head had a wide open cut! Ben came home (bonus for living next door to the church) and took him off to the ER. He was brave and sat still for his 5 stitches! Ice cream on the way home made it all worth it! He loves his new battle wound - very proud! That's a boy for you!


Karis said...

Oh, Carissa! I am dreading our first "need stitches" experience. I'm so glad Ben was at the church and that the church is right there!

I can't believe how big Kate is getting! I enjoyed her on the video too -- talking and then climbing-- in addition to Luke and Ethan. Oh my!