Friday, December 11, 2009

On the Third day of Christmas, my
children gave to me...

Now, if these aren't the cutest little return address labels...ever!
The JOLLY-IEST part about them is that they were F-R-E-E!!

I stumbled across 3 different coupon codes here and saved some big $$$ on our Christmas cards this year!

See Here is a Fuji Film company. I got 100 free Christmas cards! Whoop-ie!! (NOTE: I did not exactly enjoy working with their website and did not love the turnout of the Christmas cards, but hey, they were free, right? (We all know the ugly truth about what happens to Christmas cards when Christmas is over - the unspoken truth - shhhh!)

Vista Print gave 160 return labels for $0! I loved creating each member of our family! So fun!
These were FREE to start with, except when they came, Ben pointed out that the zip code was WRONG - I am officially a moron! Anyway, I ordered them again and justified it by the fact that the first batch was free - and that they were soooo stinkin' cute, I could not do without them!

2 dancing boys
a broken Christmas tree


Abby said...

I've been doing those address labels for 3 years now, always adding a different detail each year. This year we all have reindeer antlers on and added our new dog. Next year of course Ethan will make his appearance on our family labels. They are so much fun, and every year I get them free!

Nate, Kris, Adrianna and Natalie said...

I ended up with 120 free Christmas cards this year with 3 different designs, and I don't really like one of them! But like you, I "love" them b/c they are FREE! We're such cheapskates. :) Love all your pictures and your crooked Christmas tree.