Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Fifth day of Christmas, my
family gave to me...

This year a picture for our Christmas card was, for the first time ever, PAINLESS!! We went out on a casual family outing and I just happened to grab the mini tripod on my way out the door. When we got there, everyone was happy, so we snapped a few pics. The turn out was great and we actually had options to choose from! Wow!

Here are a few pics of the rest of our day.

This is a park that sits at the end of the runways at Washington National Airport We enjoyed the beautiful day while watching the HUGE planes fly right over us.

The kids LOVED the milkweed!

I'll post the picture we chose tomorrow with our Christmas card via Blogger
4 over-stuffed stockings
3 coupon codes
2 boys dancing
a broken Christmas tree