Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the 9th day of Christmas, my
children gave to me...

This was an exhibit at the National Harbor that we decided to go to this year. It was housed in a giant tent with huge coolers pumping FREEZING air into it 24/7 to keep it 9 degrees. Everything in the entire tent was made of ICE! Beautiful and amazing!

When we entered, we were given these big parkas to put over our own coats. We found out quickly that we needed the extra warmth and they served another purpose...

The tent was sectioned off into little rooms with different scenes.
These penguins were in an igloo!

Kate had a hard time getting around in the big blue parka!
It's other purpose was to provide something to SLIDE on in the kid's favorite section of whole exhibit!! I can't even count the number of times the boys went down these slides. There was a big stair case and on each side there were 2 slides - one big and one little. Kate loved it too, but fought that big coat trying to get up the stairs!! Ha!

we had to move on... this was Santa's workshop - sooo cute!

The final exhibits were about Christ.
First the angel and then a beautiful nativity.

We spent a little over and hour and had to finally go due to red cheeks, running noses, and Luke and Kate's misery! We could have left Ethan to stay the night! What a fun night!

8 amazing minutes
7 names of God
6 chugging train cars
5 happy campers
4 over-stuffed stockings
3 coupon codes
2 boys dancing
a broken Christmas tree


Nate, Kris, Adrianna and Natalie said...

That place is amazing! I would love to see it sometime. What a fun family outing. I love the look on Kate's face in that blue coat - what a hoot.