Thursday, November 01, 2012

Filling in the moments! APRIL

Naughty Noel kicks off APRIL
learning the basics of bath time... 
step #1: remove clothing

moving along...
A trip to Fort Washington
What a great discovery we made during 
Spring Break this year!  
Wikipedia says:
The fort
The community is named for Fort Washington, which upon its completion in 1809 was the only defensive fort protecting Washington, D.C. The fort is a stone structure and offered a good field of range for cannon fire at enemy advances on the Potomac River. During the War of 1812, the fort was quickly abandoned during a British advance. In 1844, a cannon exploded on the USS Princeton as it was passing Fort Washington.[3] During World War II, the US Army's Adjutant General's School was located at the fort, and had billeting for 362 officers and 2,526 enlisted persons.[4]
The site is now part of a very extensive park with views of the Potomac River and hiking paths. It is a scenic place for picnicking, fishing and outdoor recreation. (Admission is free to people entering after business hours and before sunset.


So we could go DOWN!!

Pokin' around inside the structures

 I think they spent an hour playing with these canons!

 Hide and Seeek, anyone??

Ethan and the GOLD EAGLES

 Noel, empting out my wallet... keeping busy... grrrrr!


3 goals!!

Luke and the GREEN DRAGONS

Luke learned to whistle... a little practice on the field!  HA!

Parent Tunnel!

Luke's other skills!


Handsome, happy, cheezy boys!

Beautiful, not-so-happy girls!

Pretty hair!

Feeling better now that Noel found her trusty thumb!

We found this pretty dress at a thrift store... but it was white and Kate wanted a pink Easter dress... so we dyed it!  It all stayed white except the embroidery !  It turned out beautiful!

Chocolate makes everyone happy!

Easter cookies with friends... on a beautiful day!

Sprinkles are awesome!


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