Thursday, November 01, 2012


MAY brought LOTS of FUN!!
Our great friend, Virginia, took our family to 
The Great Wolf Logde!

All packed and ready to go!

 waiting for Mrs. Lacey! 

We "dived in" as soon as we arrived!!

 I think these logs were their favorite thing!


 Taking a little break! 

Now onto some surfing!

Hang on, Kate!!

The accomodations were fabulous!!
In the room, there was a little cabin for the kids to sleep in!  A bunk bed and another seperate bed 

My boys have serious issues when it comes to their pj's!  They have cute little tops and bottoms that they never put together!  I can understand at home when they just grab from a drawer full of different tops and bottoms, but when mommy packs only 2 PAIRS... WHY??  HOW?? do they still do this?? They did not even notice until I told them!

my mother's day request was a day in the fields picking strawberries!  We stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut on our way!

Noel got even cuter in these fields in her strawberry outfit!

They all had such a great time!

And what did we do with all those strawberries??
FREEZER JAM, of course!

Random picture of these stair-steps!!

The end of May brings birthday celebrations!!
Guess what theme Luke wanted for his big number 6??


my first shot at marshmallow fondant!

The force has taken over these pool noodles!

Hans Solo frozen in jello carbonite!

Cupcakes ready for school

Now, time for a pool noodle lightsaber war!


May 24th was a TRIPLE CAKE DAY!!
class mate birthday cupcakes... birthday cake... and KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION CAKE!
yes, a very busy day!


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