Tuesday, September 25, 2012

for my mother, who has begged, pleaded, and cried (ok, not really) for me to post some pictures of her grandbabies!  
Love you mommy!
more to come... really!


First, we celebrated at school...

Kate was soooo excited to eat her special PIZZA LUNCHABLE (I've never understood completely the amazement my children have for a lunchable... crackers??  cheese??  how is that exciting?  It must be the super bite-sized candy that comes with it!)

Second, we celebrated at home!!
Kate's birthday cake request was a butterfly this year!

Kate chose 3 little friends and their families to join us for a birthday bbq!
Hot dogs, baked beans, mac n'cheese, fruit...mmmmm!

Cake time!!  So excited!

These girls could barely wait to get into that cake!!
Look at those fingers movin' in!

"STOP touching my cake!!!"
This was so funny

 Singing "Happy Birthday"!
(or not singing, but snagging some frosting while everyone else is singing... hee hee!)

More fun!

The Purple Unicorn Pillow Pet stole the show!!  
Thanks, grammy!!


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