Sunday, August 28, 2011

(not to be confused with FALL soccer which starts in a few weeks...hee hee)

Luke's Team: The Yellow Cheetahs

Ethan's Team: The Grey Knights

This season, we had 5 month old Noel, which made things a little interresting at times...between nursing, napping, diapers, and all the STUFF that babies require you pack in...

chillin' on the sidelines

water break

Luke dribbles through traffic

Ethan, the defender

Luke always finds a hole and gets a break-away!!

Kate (who apparently dressed herself this day) taking a cheering break to watch a quick cartoon on the i touch.

the highlight of the season is the last game when we buy the kids an icecream from the icecream truck. That truck tortures them each week as our family walks by the line of happy children eating icecream. Each week our kids hear the same few words, "we'll eat ice cream at home guys" I'm cheap, what can I say!!


Beth said...

Awesome pics. MISS you guys!