Saturday, August 27, 2011

(starting on this rainy, hurricane Irene Saturday - nothing better than blogging on a rainy day...I think I'll go get some hot chocolate...)

Yes, STRAWBERRIES - which means MAY - all those months ago

We went with our good buds, the French Family and we picked some major berries!!

CUTE and cute

notice the fingers??

Ethan: mission perfect strawberry

Noel: mission grab strawberry

I desperately wish I remember how many pounds of berries we ended up taking home. All I know was that this year, all the kids actually picked berries that made it farther than their mouths, which gave us a load!
We took them home and mushed 'em into 16 quarts of yumm-o freezer jam!

Dear Irene, I would like to keep my freezer jam freezer jam, so if you would not mind keeping my freezer up and running... thanks!

and my kids, lead by Ranger Ethan, can't go anywhere without searching out every living thing on the premises:

"there's gotta be som'n in the pond to catch!"