Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Boys
Luke is a kindergartner!! **sniff
and Ethan is movin' on up to 1st grade **sniff
As I was helping Luke get dressed for his first day of school and fighting back my tears, he told me that I just needed to have more babies!! Great perspective, Luke! I keep doing that and they keep growing up!!
Ethan's pants are a little...big. I hope he did not pull, dig, adjust that zipper all day...

This I can't complain about... the walk across the parking lot to school. Any time I want I can just peek out the window and see my boys playing in the school yard!!

This picture is to show you all how cute my baby is... and to document the fact that the boys were EARLY to school and had to wait for the bell - so they hung out in daddy's office for a few minutes. That may never happen again! First day of school excitement- I love it! Dressed and itchin' to go 20 minutes early!!

Ethan's 1st grade classroom - Mrs. Jones
There are 9 in his 1st and 2nd combined classroom.
(still diggin')

Luke's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lloyd
(my faithful running buddy and dear friend - so blessed to have her teach my children their first year of school!)
Luke also has 9 in his class of littles.

And what did the girls do all day...
we painted, and read, and went to a fun, fun spray park!!
I may never let her go to school!!