Friday, September 11, 2009

RIP camera!
It was right before our family vacation a few weeks ago that our camera bit the dust. The "LENS ERROR" report came up on the screen (we've seen that message before - on our last 2 cameras). It's been a painful month of 0 pictures, but we finally decided on a new camera (with a lens cap instead of retractable) and it should be here any day! The other day, I decided to download any last pictures from the broken camera and these were the FINAL pictures that were taken with the camera before it broke. Now we know how it happened!

"I think I'll take a picture of my hand"

"Wonder what would happen if I stuck my little fingers in this little opening and take a picture?"


This was the FINAL picture taken...wonder why???

This is how the camera takes pictures now...
and a glimpse at how I feel about the whole issue!


ymk said...

oh no!! I feel your pain!

nate, christina, and connor said...

ahahahaha! this is awesome! love it. great idea to post these. hilarious!

Karis said...

Now that is some very clear evidence. The situation isn't funny. I would have the same expression as you do in the last picture, but I have to say that you crack me up!

Travis and Becky said...

this is so funny! great idea to see what pictures were taken last. did you ever think of becoming a detective?? =) heehee

jeileenbaylor said...

haha- too funny! I love your sense of humor :)