Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Boy will be Boys"
"We were just throwing balls!"
Our basement is filled with balls - all soft and "indoor approved"

"What ball did you throw?"

Ethan slowly reaches down and picks up a yellow "soft" ball.

Deep breath for mommy - call daddy - order new window (of course we pulled the classic parental punishment of seizing all the coins from their banks to "pay" for it - HA!!)


Karis said...

Your boys took a step toward becoming men with that emptying of the piggy bank. :-) Oh, Carissa!

Katie Barker said...

So classic - I can't believe they already broke a window!

Travis and Becky said...

ha! the perfect beginning to the rest of their baseball careers! =) great pictures. i love the one with the softball sitting next to the window.

jeileenbaylor said...

That seriously is a great story!