Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One of our most recent captives
(my personal favorite all summer)

This little guy was quite friendly and loved to hop, hop, hop all over the kids! They loved every minute of it. It even jumped out of Ethan's hand and onto Kate's head! She thought it was great! Of course this is the same girl who enjoys pulling dead bugs apart!

This was one of the only successful escapees of the entire summer. He got away and hopped far, far away. He was never found...tear...lucky little frog!

Note to all who wonder if my children ever wear clothes: it's a rare occasion to find all three of my children completly clothed at the same time. Someone seems to always be missing something! This happened to be right after breakfast where all three are sporting the "morning" look. Shoulder shrug...roll with it, I say!


Carrie said...

I just love your posts..always making me smile. Lucky frog! If that frog would have been on my sons they would have been screaming like girls (I know b/c they show up in our pool and I have put one on them) :)

Katie Barker said...

Ah- I love the part on the video where their heads are all so close together trying to get a good look at him!

jeileenbaylor said...

great pics!