Friday, June 12, 2009

Here's a look at my first...EVER attempt at landscaping!

Ben and I decided that we wanted to put in some pretties in our front yard, so off I went to the library (since I have not the slightest clue about anything that grows) to begin my in depth research project.  I had the greatest time learning all this plant stuff!!  With much deliberation and help (THANK YOU, Mrs. Lapiska), THIS is what I decided on:

BUT FIRST... we have to clear out all the grass

 (bear with me, because I am SUPER excited about all this!  There are a billion pictures capturing every possible angle - but they're ALL pretty!!!)

So instead of just taking out the grass, my husband who LOVES a nice lawn, decided to transplant the grass to the barren volleyball court in the back (MASSIVE PROJECT).  But, it looks great now!

This is our first load of dirt - 
"13 bags ought to cover it"... WE THOUGHT!
We went back and ended up with 52 bags total!!  We were slightly off!
Here it is all finished - aerial view
I should have flipped the picture on the top horizontal to make the "L" shape

Lilac bush and Palace Purple

"Little Princess" Spirea



Black-Eyed Susan Vine

These flowers line the front stairs.

It wouldn't be summer with out tomatoes!  
... and basil

Now for the back...  I know, I'm excited too!
My wonderful husband planted these sweet little pansies when I went to Colorado in April!

Still mourning the utter failure of last years pumpkins, I decided to fill this space with goodies from the yards of my friends:  
THANK YOU:  Joy and Don and Katrina!!!

This little rose bush root I snagged from the Hines is sooo happy here and has grown and grown.
This one...
not so happy here!
I love this and can't wait for it to take over the entire bed!
OK, so I know you dear readers could not have possibly enjoyed all those pictures as much as I did, but thank you for humoring me!  I have been surprised at how much I enjoyed this project and can't wait to do the other side of the house...NEXT YEAR!


Andy and Davina said...

It looks GREAT, Carissa!

Karis said...

Carissa, you are so cute. I love your excitement. And your flowers/yard look so good!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Great job! It looks beautiful! We have more rose bushes for you to come and get off our hands that will hopefully be happy in DC. =)

mhelmva said...

Carissa, I LOVED it! I love gardening and landscaping and I think you guys did an awesome job for not really knowing anything. :) I think you are on your way to being a great gardener!