Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family CATCH-UP:
I'm a little behind on our most recent adventures.  The next few posts will highlight our fun and projects  - even a little humor for those of you who enjoy an occasional giggle -at the expense of these crazy kids!!

We had a BERRY GOOD TIME... 
In the Driving Rain!!!

This great strawberry patch we found last year.  We were looking forward to another picking outing with some friends, the FRENCH'S...but the patch CLOSED due to a so-so crop.  Boo-hoo!  I got an e-mail from "the farmer" announcing that the patch was open for 2 days!  THIS was our chance.  Of course, I read the e-mail too late for the first day.  The next night happened to be our school's graduation (which Ben was participating in).  With all that in mind, we decided to "risk" it for some yummy strawberries.  CRAZY??  YES!!  Ben came home a little early and we jumped in the car, fought through Friday afternoon D.C. traffic, arrived at the patch with 30 minutes to pick what we could.  The kids had a great time, even when it started to sprinkle.  Luke was the first to chicken out, so I took him and Kate to some shelter.  Ethan, who decided he was "brave" like daddy, joined us when the sprinkles turned into a downpour.  Ben was the hero and made sure we came home with a few more than 13 strawberries!!  

We even made it back for graduation with time to spare!  Whoo-hoo!

Below is BEN, the SUPER BRAVE DADDY who picked all our strawberries while the kids and I watched from the greenhouse!  The boys thought he was SUPERMAN!

BEFORE the rain:

KATE: Stopping for a little SNACK!

Ethan and his sweet smile.  KATE in the background, shoving another strawberry in her mouth!


There's a city-slicker!!   Yee-Haw!!

One for the road!


Karis said...

You guys are great! Going out for an adventure on the day of graduation -- that kind of flexibility will take you a long way. :-)

Good for Ben for being Super Daddy and getting strawberries in the downpour. Cute, pictures of the kids too!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Great pictures & video.

Andy and Davina said...

if you could just post more pictures of Ben in his sides hurt from the laughing!!