Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the Ninth day of Christmas, my
children gave to me...

My mom always got me a chocolate advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas when I was a little girl and I loved it! I wanted my kids to love the suspense of the season as well, but we wanted to teach them, along with the fun, what exactly they are so impatiently waiting for . I found this little box last year after Christmas, at the local grocery store of all places, for a few $$ and grabbed it. I "tweaked" it a little as you can see. Where the "J" is now, there was another star that said "let it" and then the letters "S N O W" went in the other spots. Very cute, but again, we wanted to take the opportunity everyday to talk about how we are waiting for Jesus to be born. I got these letters at Michael's, painted and glittered them, and glued them into place. The boys love it! Every night after dinner, they take turns opening a door and getting out a piece of chocolate. I also found these sweet little nativity ornaments that we are hanging on a tiny little separate tree. These little ornaments show up every few days in a door. 8 Christmas outfits
7 verses memorized
6 snickers santas
5 days of searching
4 overloaded branches
3 men a hunting
2 fibbing salesmen
a missing baby Jesus


Andy and Davina said...

Great idea! I love meaningful things like this that point to what we are really celebrating at Christmas...CHRIST!!

Karis said...

I love the tweaks you made to provide teachable moments that they look forward to learning. I might have to look for the ornaments and have someone send them out when they visit for next Christmas. Kayla would love that! She already loves her "What God wants for Christmas" boxes and that would go along with it.