Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the Eighth day of Christmas, my
children gave to me...
I was given a big bag of little girl clothes for Kate and part of the lot were these adorable Christmas outfits! I had to start dressing her in them as soon as we ate our Thanksgiving turkey to make sure I got them all in. A few of them are a little...snug, but I'm stuffing her in - hey, she only has to wear it once, right?
1st up: BIG collars
This one is so sweet! Embroidered wreaths (sleeves a little short - hee hee)

The classic velvet and plaid
One of Santa's little elves!
I wish I had this dress! So comfy! (This was a trial run for a family "torture" photo shoot that nothing came of, but I got a cute fb profile pic out of it I guess!!)
Candy Cane Sweater!!
And it just wouldn't be Christmas without...
an ANGEL, complete with her wings and halo of course!!7 verses memorized
6 snickers santas
5 days of searching
4 overloaded branches
3 men a hunting
2 fibbing salesmen
a missing baby Jesus


Andy and Davina said...

Love it, Carissa! She's getting so big now...she looks so cute in her little jean skirt and tights :)

The Santimaw's said...

What a great blessing! All of the dresses are so cute! She definitely has a large wardrobe of Christmas outfits. I wish we had that!!

Abby Sokul Turner said...

I think Eli has 2 Christmas-y type shirts and then pj's - there's so much more for girls out there! Kate looks adorable - I especially like the one in her denim skirt! She's a doll!

Jason Stamper said...

CUTE! I loved "seeing" you, too!

jeileenbaylor said...

precious little outfits!