Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the Fifth day of Christmas, my
children gave to me...
5 DAYS OF SEARCHING Baby Jesus returns after spending 5 days in a dark, dusty, hid away corner under the china cabinet. He was welcomed back into the loving chubby little hands of Ethan and Luke who were very anxious to play with him again.
4 overloaded branches
3 men a hunting
2 fibbing salesmen
a missing baby Jesus


Karis said...

Baby Jesus doesn't look like I expected He would -- I have no idea what exactly I expected Him to look like so what a crazy comment for me to make. Maybe I've never seen a Baby Jesus that was attached into the manger...

Anyway, glad to hear the lost has been found.

Abby Sokul Turner said...

So glad Jesus has returned. The nativity is complete :-)

Travis and Becky said...

phew, i was really nervous about baby jesus. i was concerned for his safety! =) heehee
i love seeing what you think of each day...this is getting exciting.
do you know what i got on the fifth day of christmas (otherwise known as today)? a screaming almost 4 year old in the toy store who was such a horrible, disobedient kid the whole day i thought i might kill myself before christmas! =) hooray! merry christmas!