Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LUKE'S BIG DAY! Potty Training = DREAD

I PLANNED to potty train Luke this summer, but the months passed, diapers kept making their way into my shopping cart, and I (the biggest hold out) was DREADING the task. Well, I determined that the box of diapers under the bed was the last box of diapers that would have Luke's name on them...until I used the last one this morning!! Oh no!! So after work, we went to the $ store and purchased supplies to make Luke's Big Boy sticker chart.

So here it is, calling Luke's little name!
So how did we do our first attempt???

Well, here is a picture of Luke's success...

1 pee on the bathroom floor
1 pee on the bedroom carpet
1 oh so disgusting poo
1 more pee in the bedtime pull up!
Ahhh, potty training!
Tomorrow is another day and we are hoping
for a few stickers!!


Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Potty training... a necessary evil! (and I havn't even attempted training a boy yet!) At least you make it look fun =)

Travis and Becky said...

you are one good writer, my friend! i'm totally cracking up! i am in awe that you are already having to do this AGAIN!! can you believe the time is here ALREADY??? ugghhh! i am so not jealous of you. so...where, may i ask, did the 1 disgusting poo go? =/ love ya!