Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!













This has definitely been the fastest first year of all my babies. I just want to take her back 6 months and keep her there forever.

Sweet Kate, I love you and have enjoyed all the coos, kicks, smiles, and cuddles over the last year. You have given my heart a squeeze whenever I needed one. I can't wait to watch you grow up. I am resting with confidence and hope in the Lord that you will grow to be a young lady who serves, honors, and fears our great God.

Happy Birthday, Baby Kate!


The Santimaw's said...

Happy Birthday Kate!! You are a beautiful, happy little bundle of joy!! May God continue to watch over you as you grow up in Him.

The Stamper Story said...

no No NO! not yet! I know how you feel, Carissa. Happy Birthday love to baby Kate! She is beautiful.

Travis and Becky said...

that was such a beautiful post! i didn't realize her birthday was coming up so fast...what a sweetie punkin. she's beautiful! i LOVE what you said at the end about having confidence in God that He will grow her up to love him. i have been thinking about that a lot lately...that's probably the biggest fear of my life that my kids would reject the Lord. you're right about having confidence in God for this. thanks, good buddy! love you!

Karis said...

I so agree about taking Krista back 6 months and keeping her there. I was cuddling with her tonight as she sat for just a short time and then was ready to get down and get on the move again and I just couldn't believe that she was almost a year old. This year has gone by way too quickly for me too, and I felt like I was too busy with deputation and like I'm still too busy now with language learning. But, it's what God has and I just have to hold on to the precious bits of time with the girls -- ironically, sometimes, I feel like the days last forever. :-)

Baby Kate is beautiful. I'm still so glad we had that crazy time together last April. The girls have grown so much since then. Can you imagine how much crazier it would be if we all got together now since the youngest three are on the move much more than they were then. :-)