Monday, September 01, 2008

How SWEET the fruit is!
(However small the crop may be)

My "green thumb" has once again turned to a pale shade of...brown!
Ok, so this is one of the 12 pea pods TOTAL that I actually got from the peas I planted. I had to pull out my cucumber plant because it just shriveled up and died. Just yesterday, I pulled out my pretty, but NON producing zucchini plants. and our pumpkins...well, we are on a bit of a rescue mission. The vines look ok, but there are no actual pumpkins yet. At this rate, we may have a pumpkin by Christmas! I guess we will have to trick the boys and buy a few pumpkins to set in our "patch". They will be sooo disappointed if we get nothing (so will I - whaaaa)! We are, however enjoying our tomatoes and peppers that we planted in containers. And my flowers are blooming beautifully...finally!! My little cutting garden looked much like a overgrown weed garden for most of the summer! I have learned MUCH from my first planting attempts and feel a little more prepared for next year's endeavors.
This years totals:
lots of yummy tomatoes and peppers
12 peas
3 1/2 cucumbers
1 zucchini
0 pumpkins (so far...everyone cross your fingers!!!)
Eyes closed, enjoying a freshly picked tomato and pepper - note: Ethan would not touch a tomato until this summer, now, as you can see, he eats them like an apple!!

These are the pumpkin vines - lots of vines, few flowers. The flowers we do have fall off. Any green thumbers out there that can tell me where the flowers are??

This is what is happening to the leaves. The plants are up against the house and get pounded by the sun all day. I think they are just getting fried. We wheeled the grill over in front of them to try to shade them a little.

Any great ideas for my pumpkin rescue???

And as for the rest of my gardening pursuits...

Better Luck Next Year!!


Carrie said...

This pregnancy has gone by pretty fast for me to...we've been so busy with church activities and two very active boys. It's just been the last month that I've had to slow down and had to get ready. One week till he's born (and there is a hurricane on the way!)

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks for the report - I was wondering how things were going :) I love the pics of the boys just eating those veggies like there is no tomorrow!

The Stamper Story said...

that's a really cute pic of your little pea pod. that's pretty amazing that your boys are just chomping down on those veggies. we're not veggie lovers over this way. jason and i still haven't grown up yet. i'm afraid we're not good examples to the kids. i'm more of a "do as i say, not as i do" kind of eater! sad... i know. anyway- GREAT JOB with the crop! Do you want to hear about my garden? It consists of NOTHING. We just aren't home enough during the hot months to water it. some day.... hey- maybe we'll have one together someday! :) ;)