Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time to catch up! Tune in over the next week for a peek into our crazy, but oh-so-fun last month!!

Let me take you back to almost a month ago...STRAWBERRY PICKING!! I knew May was going to really pick up and I would miss those wonderful, juicy strawberries (again!!) if I didn't squeeze in a day for picking - better bring the fam. Boy did we have a great time!!

We started with a quick lesson on WHAT to pick: BIG, RED, and NOT SQUISHY

First things first - a taste test!

better try another!

Maybe just one more!

Meanwhile, Ethan gets busy...

Daddy and Kate join in...How ya doin' Luke? Let's see the strawberry YOU picked!The picking continues...Luke sits down for a break... this picking (eating) is hard work!!

Ethan finally stops for a little snack.Proud boy with the fruits of his labor! Let's do it again!!
We came home with 20 lbs of berries! What did we do with them??? Ate, ate, ate some more. We made strawberry rhubarb pie, fruit salsa, waffles with strawberries and cream, pancakes with strawberries, this WONDERFUL strawberry frozen dessert, strawberry popsicles, and we ate some more! Jelly was really the thing I had in my mind as we picked, but our time ran out. Maybe next year!!


Travis and Becky said...

good buddy!!! that's a LOT of strawberries!!! i didn't get to watch the videos yet...can't wait. i love you and miss you. i'm glad you had such a great time with your precious little fam. =)

Don & Katrina Hines said...

I laughed! What a great family fun time! Love the strawberry pickin' lessons with Ethan. So cute! He was getting some good ones too! I missed this year's picking season due to oh-I-don't-know maybe the graduation celebration piggy backed with the birth of Kate. I missed it. Can't wait til' next year (fingers crossed!) Love and miss you guys! We'll be back to see more photos and videos!

jeileenbaylor said...

Oh my! It looks like you had soo much fun :o) I just love those pictures - epsecially the ones of the with the boys just chowing on those strawberries! hee hee! good times!

Karis said...

I missed strawberry season this year, and I was sad about it but seeing this post made me even more sad. Kayla loved picking strawberries in her Grammy and Paco's garden last summer so I was looking forward to taking her this summer, but life was just too busy so maybe our next furlough?...