Thursday, June 26, 2008

PUMPKINS!Who says you need LOTS of room to grow pumpkins?
Just look how little they are?!
We have this long spot of dirt behind our house that just grows weeds and looks yucky. So, the boys and I decided that pumpkins would be lots of fun to watch grow and even more fun when they are all grown! So when fall rolls around, come on by to the Smith's pumpkin patch... we should have a few to choose from.

Getting our garden ready to plant!

The boys LOVED this part. We will probably have pumpkins growing in the yard. Luke was chucking the seeds everywhere!!

One week later...See? There is lots of room!!
I'll keep posting throughout the summer.
Keep watching and watch the sidewalk disappear!!


The Santimaw's said...

I can't wait to the pumpkin patch growing the backyard...then we don't have to go to one we'll just come to your house...LOL!!!

The Stamper Story said...

that's gonna be alot of pumpkins! it looks like lots of fun.

jeileenbaylor said...

What a fun summer project! And how fun will that be in the fall - can't wait to see those pumpkins grow!

Traci said...

My daughter planted watermelons in the two small planters I have by our front porch and now there are overflowing vines everywhere and --the most exciting part--tiny baby watermelons! I was just as happy to see them growing there as my daughter was so I know you all are going to really enjoy watching the pumpkins grow.