Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Hatch come for a visit!

We were so excited when my mom called to tell us they got plane tickets to come and visit. They got to stay just over a week and we enjoyed every minute of it...however I must have been enjoying it so much that I did not remember to take pictures - I hate that!! We kept very busy! Day 1 (rainy) of our fun was at Chuck-E-Cheese - a huge hit of course! Day 2 we spent at Mount Vernon, then a day in D.C. to hit Air and Space, the Capital, Washington Monument, WW2 Memorial, the White House (from afar of course), and the Archives. The next day was a pentagon tour (Thank you Tayna!!) Luke's birthday was the next day. Mom and I spent this day shopping and then came home with lots of goodies to celebrate. Sunday was church, a picinic, and then sweet nothing. The last day we spent in D.C. to finish off all the memorials and Arlington. Then a kiss goodbye and up, up, and away back to Colorado! A whirl-wind, but great. The boys loved having then around to play with and to be spoiled by! We love you grandma and grandpa - come back soon!!

Mount Vernon


Above: Ford Theater and the house Lincoln died in

Below: Navy memorial