Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 6

My Little Super Heros!This is the "Ready for a fight" stance.
"Now it's your turn, Luke. Stand right there!
OK...take the picture already, would ya!

Thank you everyone who gave me birthday money. This is what I picked out at the store. Mommy thought I should buy a nice movie or coloring book, but I thought a 5 foot tent that takes up the whole living room would be much more fun! Mommy keeps saying, "what was I thinking?"


Carrie said...

We bought Titus a tent for his b-day too - I'm thinking the same thing

Beth said...

Jonas wants to know if "we can ever meet them and ever play with them?" Cool dress-up clothes and tent! Jonas got a Mr. Incredible costume($3.00 after Haloween) for Christmas. If they ever did get together that would be quite a rescue mission of princess Ella and the 2 Kates! :) ha!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

These pics will be so good to pull out once the girlfriends start arriving on the scene! Oh so cute! Wonder who the actor will be in the family? Ethan - totally into it ready to pose for the pic, or Luke - regular stance with the "get-the-picture-over-with-already-Mom" look on his face! Ha!