Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been neglecting our blog for too long! Now I have much to catch up on, so I have deemed this week, "The Week of the Blog". I am hoping to post every day this week and catch you up, grandma (and the rest of you readers) on what our busy family has been up to the last month. We have had major events and fun, everyday, bloggable tune in. I will start with the most recent...
Snow in Virginia!

Getting dressed! Luke was soooo ticked when I put this snow suit on him. He could not move and the more I laughed, the more angry he got. Finally, Ben threw him here on the bed and this is where he layed (still) until Ben was dressed and ready to go out. Ha! He reminded me of that kid on "The Christmas Story"!!

He was MUCH happier when he finally got outside. Next time I will be sure to dress him LAST!!

Building a snowman to greet all who pass by our house!

The last touches! Carrot nose, chocolate chip smile, and apricot eyes and buttons...YUM!

Moving on to the back yard...

Look! It's daddy, mommy, Ethan, Luke, and baby Kate!

2 days later... a face-less snowman adorning the green grass!


Carrie said...

cute snowman - and way to ambitious doing the whole family!

Andy and Davina said...

Sweetness!! I can't believe how much snow you guys have. As Andy put it "we got jack squat" Looks like a fun day was had by all (except Luke) :)