Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 3

The Christmas Season - Part 1

We found the greatest little tree farm about an hour away from our house, so we decided to cut down our own tree this year. This is another one of those outings that gets me all know "the perfect family day"! Well, it was raining and Ethan was in a foul mood. So instead of combing the farm for the perfect tree while the kiddies play at our side, we threw Ethan over our shoulder and said "that one 'il do". No, it was not that horrible. Luke had a great time. The farm had donkeys and horses to pet, hot chocolate, and even a candy cane hunt (which Ethan even loved)! We did find a great tree and had a great time!

Home to dec the halls

Christmas Morning

Grandpa and Grandma Smith came on Christmas Eve and were able to stay all through the next week! We all had a great time. The boys loved having grandpa to wrestle with and I loved having grandma to do my laundry!!

Ethan opening his "Adam Raccoon" books by Glen Keene. Side note: these are GREAT books!!We got one in a pile of books someone had given us and we LOVED it. They teach biblical truths like salvation and following Jesus in parable form. They are all out of print, but you can still find them on line. You just have to have them shipped from different places.

Bowling in the hallway!

New Tricycles!!
Snuggles with grandma!


Travis and Becky said...

good buddy, i'm loving these everyday posts! i think you just posted this one while i was on here =) the pics are great. i can see you're having fun dressing kate up in little girlie clothes. it's so fun, huh? i love the picture of ethan with his b-day cake. can you believe our boys are three!!!??? i'll always remember being pregnant together and going for all those walks. miss you and love you!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Yeah! Great stuff Carissa! Love all the family pics and glad that grandpa and grandma could come down! How wonderfully marvoulous! =) Had lunch today with Mrs. D. - we spoke fondly of our memories from the trio we were! I love that lady!

Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Oh, that was so fun to catch up on all your pictures! Your boys crack me up, especially Luke. They're so cute and look like they love mischief. :-) And Kate is getting so big. I wish I could meet her someday. I can't believe Ethan is 3! It seems like yesterday that I held him in the hospital - where does the time go??? Glad to hear you guys are all doing so well. Take care!

jeileenbaylor said...

I love the family tree pictures :o) You guys look great!