Monday, March 12, 2012

Snake Update

These are a few shots of Scar hanging around!!  We finally had to move the gauges out of his tank because he kept curling up on them until they fell down!  I never actually got to see the crash, but I'm sure it would have been comical.  :)

 Things have been going well with the creature and I have to admit that I am getting used to him and the creep factor has slightly diminished.  Many of you may have read my fb status the other day...  
Part of Ethan's routine in the mornings before he heads off to school is to hold Scar and make sure he is taken care of for the day.  Well when I peeked in on the boys, they had Scar wrapped around the ladder to their bunks.  Well, school time came and the boys ran off to school.  A hour or so later, I went into their room to put away some laundry and noticed that the room seemed dark.  I was curiously looking around and then... with a long blink, and short, quiet gasp, my eyes landed on the snake cage... DARK!  The lamp was on the floor, the tank was open, and the snake was g-o-n-e!!  Of course, the boys were on a field trip and Ben was driving for the field trip so they were not around (living next door to school has it's perks - like marching next door and pulling Ethan from his classroom to rescue his mother from his missing snake!!  *mom tapping foot on floor giving intense glare with one eyebrow raised).  
Well, Kate came to my rescue, found Scar tightly squeezed between Luke's mattress and bed frame, and put him back into his tank where he was locked in good.  She is now my favorite child :)  As for Ethan... (while trying to hide his smile), he was firmly told that Scar better be tightly locked up BEFORE he goes to school in the mornings!!

other less horrifing happenings:
We all gathered around last week to watch Scar shed.  This was at the beginning when he was just starting to scratch off the skin on his head.

This was a day or so later when he finally finished.  
It was fun to watch.


christina said...

love the snake updates. my dad has always had snakes… from the time he was in high school even up to now. my gramma saved an old note that the office secretary had to give to my dad one day during class. it was something like, "go home. snake got loose." haha! i can not imagine!! you are one very kind mama. :)