Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The sun pulled us all outside this weekend!  We all wore green, dyed our food green, and played in the green grass!  Yay for "holidays" that give us an excuse to do silly things!  Thanks, St. Patrick!

Kate learned to ride her bike this weekend!  She holds the record of less than an hour to figure it out!  Ben spent a few minutes with her one night, and the next day, she got on and rode away!

My kids, Ethan in particular, are CRAZY about critters!!
This was a frog that Ethan remembered was still in his critter house.  It died last summer!  So the dead frog has been sitting in our basement the whole winter!

Ethan will also never forget this weekend because he caught his first snake!!  Ethan is fearless when it comes to animals - yikes!  He comes around the corner holding this flailing snake by the tail.  The kid is crazy!  He found it in a drain and it is now one of Ethan's captive pets!

Yes, that is a frog that the snake regurgitated!  The creepy thing must have just eaten when Ethan found him and with all the excitement, the snake...lost his lunch!  GROSS!

The window wells of the church are where Ethan holds all of his creatures captive!!

We can't keep the kid out of them!!

This is the secondary place of captivity!  They carry this box, full of critters, all over the place.  It rides nicely on the handle bars of their bikes, hangs off the slides and swings, etc.  
FROGS... they're everywhere you want to go!

This is "Goliath".  He holds the record of the longest lived frog in captivity!  Yay, Goliath!  The boys frond him last summer and this huge frog has made the window well his home!  His winter slumber was disturbed many times over the winter!

This post was in desperate need of something cute!  What could be cuter than those fat legs and baby sandals!