Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, she is pulling up... yes, she is cutting a tooth... yes, I am crying... and yes, she is wearing a size 4 diaper! 
Ben went out to pick up a "quick, we're out of diapers" pack of diapers the other day and he returned with Pampers (my favorite ever diapers that I never buy because I'm too cheap to pay for them.  I just can't regularly splurge on something that holds poo... just can't do it)

 This JUMBO pack thing just cracks me up ~ 
Seriously??  There are a whopping 31 diapers, which will last all of a week and a half at best!!  HA!

 I mean, the whole pack fits in my diaper caddy 
(plug: Thirty-One, all in-one organizer, monogrammed with"Monkey Business" - one of the best uses ever: fits a "JUMBO" pack of diapers, wet wipes - the mesh pockets on the ends stow away your Boudereaux's Butt Paste, sweet smelling baby lotion, and booger sucker - sorry, just couldn't help it - I love this stuff!)

Now I know why I've never seen a "medium" pack!  


Abby said...

I LOVE 31 Bags, and that's why I now sell them :-) I have that same bag too and use it for diapers. I actually have about 8 of those bags spread throughout the house for various things!!! And I can't believe that's considered a JUMBO pack - Oy Vey! Have you gone on Amazon and done the subscribe and save and Amazon mom? I get my diapers on there and save 30% each time I buy them, and the come up being less than $0.02 a diaper - for Pampers! Totally worth it!!!!