Tuesday, September 27, 2011

-4 years old-

Birthday Breakfast!!

 ...thoroughly enjoyed by all!

the big day was even more exciting as Kate had her first, ever soccer game!!

Now on to the P-A-R-T-Y!!

McDonald's was the dinner of choice with rainbow fruit sticks (thank you Amanda Lee, I know you are reading this).  Although the fruit sticks were not right...they just were not the same as Gretta had at her party...picky, picky!

Kate couldn't decide between a Hello Kitty cake and a 
castle cake, so we made a 
Hello Kitty Castle Cake!!  
(pink castle with kitty stuck on the top)

She dug it!
but she would not eat it...again, picky little stinker...you would think she was 4 or something!

 presents!!  Hello Kitty toys... and 

a pink rifle, the one thing she asked for!
Thank you grandma and grandpa!!

On to bashing our homemade Hello Kitty pinata!!  3 or 4 days before her birthday she asked where the "kitty thing you beat with a stick with candy in it" was.  (Something, she saw and asked for one day when we were at Party Depot early in the summer.  And something that I apparently said "yes, you can have it for your birthday" - you know those moments when you are concentrating and you hear muffled children asking some sort of question, and in the fog of the moment you just spout out a "yeah, sure honey" and then they stop bothering you... you know??  So, we decide to make one.  And a fun time it was!

Poor kitty!!

 Noel even got a turn to beat the kitty...just jokin' ya!


Hello Kitty creation:
I'm still finding dried paste in my kitchen!!
Balloon head, cardboard ears...can't get much more simple!


Jeanette said...

the cake is awesome! and the pinata is very cool. you are a fun mommy :)

christina said...

carissa… i adore your parties. so many awesome and creative ideas to snatch! :) couple things: 1. you have wonderful taste in old navy t's. if you paid more than $6 for yours…well, i don't want to rub it in, but mine was only $6! :) 2. don't sell the bassinet. store it until they're sixteen and whip it out at their wicked cool 16th parties and remind them of what a good mommy you always were. they'll roll their eyes and make gagging motions…. your heart will swell… it will be perfect! :)