Monday, January 03, 2011

Noel Taylor Smith
born December 20, 2010
6 lbs. 14 oz 20 1/2"
It was a Sunday night, an hour or so after we all got home from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Our teens were singing for a Christmas program there and just after they arrived that afternoon, they realized that they had forgotten their music! Ben called wondering if I could think of anyone who could make the trip and bring it to them. No one wants to do that drive, so I decided that the kids and I would go. It was great to see the teens minister and I felt good...for a ticking time bomb! Needless to say, we were very thankful that I made it home and got the kids into bed before my water BROKE...again. It was 10:30 and I was having NO contractions, but what do you do? At 10:30, we can get someone to come over, but if we wait for contractions to kick in, we may end up in big trouble in the middle of the night, so we called Nicole to the rescue! With the other 3 it just took a few hours for the fun to start, so off we went!
Nicole snapped a quick preggo picture before we left since I didn't have one yet!

Feeling good with time to spare so, we stopped to shop... at the only store open at 11:30!

then a stop for a smoothie

all tucked in and waiting for something to happen...

...8 1/2 hours later
This was going to be my first labor without an IV!! I have always been Beta Strep POSITIVE and had to have anti-biotics via IV. Side Note: The IV is the most terrible thing they do to a woman in travail!! I hate it with all my being!! Well, my idea of a IV-less labor went out the window when they hooked up the pitocin to kick start some contractions.
(Do you see that honkin' needle and the bulging vein that stung and pinched... I could go on and on! It hurt for a week!!)

...5 hours later

This was taken that evening when Ben brought the kids up to meet their new sister! They were so excited!
(still hooked up to that dumb IV and thus still no shower...ewww)

4 kids!? When did this happen?

My reward!

dressed and ready to go home!

We were welcomed by a banner that made me cry!

HOME and welcomed with MUCH love!

Grandpa and Grandma Smith arrived the next day for Christmas!
Sooo wonderful to have 2 of me after having a baby!

Christmas Day

Luke's turn for a snuggle!

1st bath!!
I could not believe how fast her cord dried up and fell off!
she fits in the sink!!!

praying hands

Noel loves to be swaddled and no blanket swaddles like those hospital blankets! My mother-in-law was drying the dishes and had this great idea to use these muslin like dish cloths that my grandmother had made me! I happened to have 3 that I had never used before, so now we swaddle her in dish cloths!! They work like a charm!

Snuggles with big brother Ethan

Kate jumps in to steal a kiss!



Don & Katrina Hines said...

Hurray! Congratulations Smith family! She is a doll baby! We've been thinking a LOT about you all the past few weeks and praying for you as you adjust to FOUR children! Love you and can't wait to snuggle with little Noel!

Carrie said...

Congrats on number 4! You have some wonderful pictures. Such a beautiful girl and sweet smile. I like the name too esp for a December baby.

TwoMuths said...

So beautiful and alert! Congratulations!! (PS I feel your pain on the IV. It is torture!)

Andy and Davina said...

Love these pics...she is BEAUTIFUL!!

Beth said...

beautiful pics- GREAT job recording and relaying the events of Noel's birth. I'm impressed. You don't even sound tired! :) She is so adorable. I know she's getting lots of snuggles and loves from all those siblings. praying for you!

Nate, Kris, Adrianna and Natalie said...

What a sweetie! Noel is just beautiful - I love all the pics of the kids kissing on her. :) Makes me excited to cuddle my own little guy soon. Hope you can get some sleep here and there, although I can't imagine how on earth you manage!! So happy for you, Friend!!

jeileenbaylor said...

Precious precious girl! THanks for sharing you story. I always love to hear it. It looks like she is fitting right in with the other kiddos. I loved the pic of them all lined up :) --oh and I completely agree about the IV haha!