Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Our fun started when we brought this giant birthday cookie and Happy Meals for Ethan's class at school for lunch (it is fun when there are only 5 kids).

Then I rushed home to put the cake together (in between nursing sweet Noel). This year's request was a pirate ship!

a closer look:

the canons

the captain

the fish in the water

When Ethan got home from school, we headed out the "The Ninja Place" aka: Japanese Steak House...mmmmm!

Ethan's birthday dessert!

Then we came home for cake and presents!

lighting the canons

and blowing them out


-just thought I would document that Noel was indeed there and we did not forget her at the restaurant!

pin the treasure chest on the map!

Then for a present treasure hunt!
-the map-

treasure #1 -
Batman Lego video game

treasure #2
Dragon toy

treasure #3
fishing pole

treasure #4
"X" marks the spot

bow and arrow
Now all we have to do is go through all the toys we already have the PURGE to make room for all the new loot!



Beth said...

ok. who are you? seriously? where are you hiding the cape? did you just have a baby? I'm feeling very inadequate. :) AMAZING cake and a very special day for your big boy! wow... time flies. He's your only kid we've ever met!

Carrie said...

great cake! great presents! It looks like you helped him have a great birthday!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Okay, so Carissa, you didn't disappoint! Amazing job! I love how you make each birthday so special for your children. You are an inspiration to me! Thanks girly! Love ya!