Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ok, so this is already the 3rd week of soccer and I'm finally getting these pictures up! What can I say, I've been busy with all these projects that bombarded my brain...nesting, as some call it. But that is for a different post!
Anyway, Ethan and Luke started playing soccer this year and LOVE it!
Ethan's team: "THE ORANGE CRUSH" Seven 5 year olds make up his team and they are out to dominate... or score for the other team as Ethan did his first game! Go Ethan!!

This drain pipe seemed to be more exciting than the actual game!
Getting "pumped" for the first game -
both boys play 2 games each Saturday

watching his team

Ethan is up! As you see, Ben was called on to ref the game!

Luke and Kate sat with the team and cheer on Ethan!

Good Game everyone!
I think they actually won this game, but I am quickly noticing that the kids don't really care or keep track. They just have a great time!

Next up: LUKE &
(yes, MARSHMELLOWS! That is what happens when 4 year olds get to name the team)
Ben is the coach of this team and, let me tell ya, it has been very entertaining to watch. The first practice, the kids were crying, randomly sitting/laying down in the middle of the field, crying, running to their mommas, and crying! I cracked up when Ben actually tried to pick one up from laying on the field to coax the kid to play again - the kid went limp! Ben just put him back on the ground! Sooo funny!
Here is Ben trying to remind the kids which direction they are kicking the ball!


Here he comes! Luke is quite the go-getter!

So far, we're loving soccer season! It's fun diving in to all the activities of childhood!
If you want more Smith soccer action, good ol' facebook has a few videos!