Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Birthday Bash!!
We kicked off Kate's birthday with birthday pancakes! mmmmm!

Then we headed off to Chucky Cheese to cash in our 20 free birthday tokens. We brought some friends and got a few more tokens and some pizza (surprisingly very yummy pizza - then again, I was a very hungry pregnant woman, so everything is yummy these days)!

The Cake!
A princess cake has been the request of Kate for months. We were all ready to go until a few weeks ago when the boys and daddy told her she should have a Batman cake!! She thought about it for a few seconds and then heartily AGREED!! It was all I could do to get the princess cake back! I thought I may end up doing a pink Batman cake!!

This was a rather tall princess, so I had to get creative to make her skirt tall enough!

All dressed and ready to party!!

The decor

Kate was talked into Chinese food (ETHAN: "Kate, you want CHINESE don't you!!!? KATE: Um.. Yeah!!)

Back home for cake and presents!!
Kate got lots of stuff for her baby!! Her new obsession!! I LOVE GIRLS!!

Luke feeding the baby!

Lots to put together!

A little princess!!!
What a day!! Happy birthday to my sweet little girl!
I am so thankful the Lord gave you to me!!


Joshua, Jenni-brooke and Kiersten-brooke Leeper said...

So cute!!! Great job on the cake, too! Don't you just love how little girls love baby dolls?? Kiersten already loves them and I think it's so sweet!

Ethan and Luke trying to influence her brought back lots of funny memories for me! On my ninth birthday Brian told me how much I wanted a game boy and how I should ask for one, so I did! I could have cared less about one, but I asked for one and when I opened it you should have seen him jumping up and down, take it from me and start playing it! hahaha I didn't care, I was glad he was happy! haha Brother and sisters are so funny!