Wednesday, April 23, 2008


"Together for Sanity Conference"
April 15-17, 2008
Becky's house, PA
3 girlfriends, coming together for the sake of sanity!
Side note: Sanity was the goal, not reached due to the 3 girlfriends neglecting to take into consideration that when combined, there would be 7 (yes, 7) children age 3 and under running amuck.
To sum up our 3 days of fun:
overstimulated, tired children, fevers, snot, LOTS of poopy diapers, the pitter-patter of Luke feet at 6 AM (to be followed by the 3 more pairs of running feet just minutes later), peanut butter sandwiches, 1/2 finished conversations, DUMPING of all the toy bins just for the sake of dumping (while the mommies sipped coffee while hiding for a few minutes -well worth it!), a Karis, a Krista, a Kayla, a Kara, a Kate, a Carissa, SCREAMING, laughing, chasing, nursing, nursing, nursing, napping (LOVE those naps!!!!), "time outs", crying, interrupted thoughts, playing, fighting, a noodle (one single noodle), meltdowns, sunshine, great memories. Would we do it again...
after careful thought and consideration...YES!
But we're thinking next year we leave the kiddies with the daddies and we go to, let's say, Jamaica! (Of course, we would have to be back within 24 hours!)
If you would like registration information, please call our crisis hot line:
1-800-T4S-what -were-we-thinkin'

Just a dirt hill? No, this is heaven to boys (Even Kayla enjoyed getting dirty!)
Kate and Krista drooling together

The "Wild Men"... and sweet Sam!
"Winding down" for bed time

Kate and Kara enjoying the park!


Driving at 2 and 3!!!

Sweet time with our children and good friends! I love you Becky and Karis!

Thanks for the adventure!


Don & Katrina Hines said...

Oh my! How fun! Glad you guys had an opportunity to get together! And SEVEN below the age of 3 is pretty insane! I bet you guys laughed and laughed bunches and bunches!

Travis and Becky said...

oooooohhhhh....i LOVE IT!!!! you did a great job capturing the week. can't wait for everyone to see this. my mom will love it and so will trav! =) thanks, good buddy! by the way, NICE picture of me on the tricycle! hardy har!

Ben and Carissa said...

Becky - that picture captures our "need" for sanity!!!

Karis said...

Oh my word, Carissa as we stated when we were all together, you definitely have a way with words. You had me in stitches because I could picture the whole time. I'm so glad you included the "one single noodle" for Becky's and my sake. (And what was the naming story where whatever you were talking about was named Roger or something like that...I forgot the story but remember it was funny.)

I somehow missed seeing Becky on the tricycle so I'm glad I got to see the picture which does show our need for sanity.

When Becky's mom saw the trash accumulated Thursday night, she commented on how much there was -- I was reminded of her comment when you mentioned all the dirty diapers. It also reminded me of all the crumbs under the table after every meal and the fabulous Dustbuster.

Since the next T4G isn't until 2010, maybe 2009 is the year for our Together for Sanity conference in Jamaica. The girls will all be weaned by then -- do you think the guys would do better with the kids separately at their own homes or together? :-)

I'm impressed that you already got around to posting. It was fun to read.

jeileenbaylor said...

What a fun time with friends! I am so glad that you guys could all get together :o)

The Stamper Story said...

that's great! lol!

Erin Neiner said...

Oh what complete insanity and FUN!!! I love how you communicated it!!!! So perfect!! When Stephanie came up to visit last summer (there were only 3 kids btwn the 2 of us) we only got our girl time in after the kids were asleep at night...thus staying up every night well past midnight!! It is so necessary to connect, though!! Wouldn't it be fun (er, crazy) to have a HUGE MOM&KIDS get together...even if for a day!!! :)

Ben and Carissa said...

Erin - What a great idea! I'll host! We have the church field to play, a big sandbox, our school playground, and we'll set up a bunch of pools and slip n' slides in the yard, buy a gallon of peanut butter and a cooler full of juice boxes and popsicles! Let's do it!!