Monday, November 27, 2006

Halloween -yeah, so it was a month ago!


Tricia said...

Cute pictures Carissa. That one of Jamey is hilarious. I remember with fondnesss our days of rooming together. Fun times!

Jason Stamper said...

All hail King Ben. It wouldn't hurt for you to smile there your majesty. You look a little too comfortable as supreme lord of the land. By the way, I only have your old Central email address. Could you send me a quick note so that I can get your new address? Thanks,

By the way, any decision about where to go?

Katrina said...

Carissa, you committed the vile blogging sin of not including yourself!!! I eagerly awaited the lovely Queen Carissa to appear and . . . nothing! Everyone else looked super! The Lions were completely awesome! Okay, I just have to ask though, Did you make them? (I know Adrianne is going to be thinking the same thing!)