Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas baby - I was determined to not loose Noel's birthday in Christmas - more difficult than I thought it would be!  The 20th brings lots of last minute tidys, wrappings, and fresh baking!  We did it all and celebrated big, but the birthday post just didn't happen!  Sorry sweet girl!
The Birthday Menu:
Noel's favs - diced peaches, pears, bananas, warm peas and green beans, shredded chicken, cous cous, and toast squares

Cake Pops and strawberry ice cream!  We decided to wait and do a big cake when granny and gramps came!

headbands from Amanda
new jammies from mommy and daddy!

Thank you, Amanda for my headbands!!  You are my favorite baby sitter...EVER and I love having the same birthday as YOU!

Woolly Sheep Cake!
Party #2 with grandpa and grandma!!

Pizza on the menu this time!

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby!!