Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A few months back, Ben had this idea that I should take Noel and go see my family in Colorado.  My grandparents had never met Noel and I had not seen them in a long time!  So, after I made sure Ben knew that  -  I leaving with 1 kid = HIM staying home with 3 kids  -  I bought a ticket!

Noel on her first plane ride!

The fist day of our trip was spent catching up with Jamey, Autumn, and Rachel...but I guess I was too busy gabbing (and eating OREOS) to take any pictures.  You will have to imagine us girls comfy on Autumn's couch sipping tea, catching up, and watching Noel and Axel, who are just 1 day apart, bang on each other's heads.  It was wonderful.
Jamey dropped me off to spend a few days at Granny Stutz's house the next morning.  We stayed the nights with my Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill.  (THANK YOU, OH SO MUCH)

Noel and Great Grandma  and Grandpa Stutz

spending some time with Pops!

Grandma and I decided to spend one of our days puzzling...whew...what a doozy!

Aunt Hannah and Uncle Isaac picked us up from my grandma's house on their way from Nebraska and we traveled over the mountains and through the woods (no woods) to grandmother's house!

Great Grandma Ehmann loved Noel.  It was fun to see how much joy a baby brings to an older person! 
 (Relax, mom and dad!  I'm talking about Grandma not you guys...hee hee)

notice a little 10 inches of me gone??
yeah, Hannah got ahold of me!  
Gotta love new hair!

What a great trip!  Thank you, Ben for the great idea and encouragement to go.  3 kids - alone - 10 days - WHAT A GUY!!


J R Townsend said...

So fun to see some pictures of your trip to Colorado.